COVID-19 Update from the Commanding Officer


August 19, 2020

Message from the CO: Cadet Training Program Update


The Commander of the National Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers Support Group has

recently released an update regarding the delivery of the cadet training program:

  • To ensure the safety of all who participate in our programs, no in-person activities will be permitted prior to the 1st of October 2020, and only after approval has been granted through the local area office, by the Regional Cadet Support Unit, Commanding Officer, and proper safety measures are in place.

The Commander’s previous update is available here.

We have prepared a FAQ for your review/information. Please direct any further questions to


The 632 Squadron COATS Staff and Sponsoring Committee are working closely to ensure we are able to adapt the delivery of our operations with the Commander’s directives as well as those from public health officials


Please continue to enjoying your time with your family, and staying connected with others while respecting physical distancing.


I appreciate your continued patience, support as we adapt our program the current reality and fulfill the necessary deliverables to ensure the unit's continued success. 


Nulli Secondus

Captain R. Pascal



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